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Friday’s Food & Fitness: Focus on Balance Barre Pilates

  • October 14, 2016
  • By Brittany
Friday’s Food & Fitness: Focus on Balance Barre Pilates

Hello and welcome to the end of your week and the start of your weekend!  How’s that for an opening?  I am excited for the weekend but also a little nervous because I have a really big week ahead of me and it is full-speed around here from now until the holidays.  I guess it is better to be busy?  It’s funny but I always thought when I worked full-time that SAHM must have so much free time but in reality, I find it much harder to organize my day now that the only person structuring it is me.  

Well enough complaining, welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness!






This week was a week for experimenting.  Lots of different ideas and flavors for a project I am currently working on and will reveal to you soon!

I think one of the major hits of the week was a recipe I got from Iowa Girl Eats for Sweet Chili Chicken and Coconut-Lime Cauliflower Rice.  Served with a side of mango, I was practically transported to the tropics in my own home!  So delish!


It was super easy to make.  The chicken marinates in a mixture of coconut milk (don’t use the whole can because you will need a bit for the “rice”), sweet chili sauce and lime juice.  Side note–I had never tried sweet chili sauce until my husband introduced it to me 1,000 years ago when I first met him.  He used to put it on his sandwiches.  It is the BEST!

The cauliflower is made into rice in a food processor and then cooked with coconut oil in a saute pan for about 7 minutes and before you add coconut milk and lime to it.  The chicken is grilled and it a short time you have a perfectly healthy and totally delicious meal that makes you think you are on vacation.  Genius!





We are moving right along with our Focus On series and this week it is Balance Barre Pilates!  I know you’ve all heard of pilates before but Balance Barre Pilates is something all its own.  Check it out!

advanced pilates twisting side bend

What is Balance Barre Pilates?

Balance Barre Pilates is our take on a traditional Pilates class.  In this class you will focus on moving from your powerhouse or core just like in a traditional Pilates class.  There is also focus on control, balance and flexibility.  However, unlike traditional Pilates, we amp it up a notch and move beyond the classic Pilates moves to incorporate longer sequences and to target more muscle groups.  Expect this class to move at a faster pace and be more challenging than traditional Pilates.

Do I need to do Pilates and Barre?

YES!  Barre is a fantastic total body workout.  It strengthens and tones the legs, glutes, arms and core while also helping improve your cardiovascular fitness.  However, Balance Barre Pilates slows things down a tad and really focuses on building greater core strength and isolating your muscles.  It is also important to focus on becoming more controlled, balanced and flexible!

How often should I take Balance Barre Pilates?

I recommend twice a week.  Check out my Pilates Videos to start your routine!

What is the mind/body connection in Balance Barre Pilates?

Balance Barre Pilates is so much more than just going through the motions.  You really need to focus your mind on the moves as you are doing them so you can properly engage your muscles, especially your deep core muscles.  You also need to focus on the correct breathing as you are doing Balance Barre Pilates by exhaling when it is hard and inhaling when it is easy!

What are three favorite Balance Barre Pilates moves?



Single Leg Stretch

straight leg single leg stretch 2

Double Leg Ball Lift


What are three songs on the Balance Barre Pilates playlist right now?

Mother & Father- Broods

Roses- The Chainsmokers

Show Me Love- Robin Schulz

Check out my first Focus On: Balance Barre Signature!


By Brittany, October 14, 2016
  • 2
  • Holly
    October 16, 2016

    My mouth is watering for the coconut lime cauliflower rice. I truly love Pilates and your concept of staying in the move longer and having longer sequences is hard and I know it is the best! I have done some of your videos and I do believe my control and flexibility are increased –so much better. My balance is weaker but I am working on it. Thank you for the description and the motivation to “get to it” again!

  • Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    October 17, 2016

    Good luck balancing it all this week lady! Sometimes it is hard to structure things when you have the flexibility to do things when/as you choose. I’m constantly coming up with to-do lists and timing out my day to make sure that I can fit everything in. And I love doing single leg stretches and to alternate it for an ab exercise!

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