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Museum of Imagination

  • March 6, 2017
  • By Brittany
Museum of Imagination

Museum of Imagination– I love the way that sounds!  It is full of possibilities and excitement.  And that was exactly what we experienced when Cooper and I headed to the Museum.

The Museum of Imagination is geared towards kids and they are allowed to touch and play with literally everything in the space.  There are two entry times (10am and 2pm) but you can arrive at other times.  These entry times are meant to maximize your time in the museum and are part of a guided tour.

We chose to arrive at our own time but were still treated to an English speaking guide.  She was amazing with Cooper!  We had such a blast exploring the Museum.

First we checked out this really cool room full of giant balls, wind chimes and other cool looking items.  You might think this is some kind of art exhibit but in reality the kids could play with and touch everything.  This is especially great for the really young kids who love sensory objects.  Honestly, I think if this one room was the Museum, Cooper would have had a good time!

Crawling on top of, inside of and pushing things around are all encouraged!

Next we headed downstairs to another room full of balls, this time suspended in air.  I think this room was a little less interesting for Cooper but he did enjoying running in the space and walking through the “door” of pool noodles!

The best part of the Museum is the big room filled with fun things.  They have everything!  There is a giant “tree” in the middle that you can go inside and lie on the pillows and do an activity.  

One of our favorites was a huge tree house.  You could sit underneath and have a “picnic”, climb up and play in the “kitchen” or slide down.  


Then there were the bicycles that you could climb on and ride.  I’m pretty sure it was connected to this video game but Cooper was more interested in just sitting on the bike and then separately watching the game!

I absolutely loved the musical instrument set up.  There was an electric guitar that the kids were allowed to touch and play with, drums, a microphone and the keyboard.  You can wear the headphones and actually hear the music you are making.  So cool!

By far his favorite part of the entire experience was the water gun station.  This was just endless fun for him.  He was too little to stand so we sat him up on the ledge and let him press the water gun to spin a wheel around in the water.  Peels and peels of laughter.  He LOVED it!

There were so many cool areas, we couldn’t possibly explore everything but it makes it worth a second trip back!

Parking for the Museum is down the street a bit so bring an umbrella if it is rainy.  Go soon because the introductory offer of kids under 3 free won’t last!  Adults are $50.

By Brittany, March 6, 2017
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