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Strong Mat Flow

  • December 4, 2017
  • By Brittany
Strong Mat Flow

This Strong Mat Flow will get you sweating using light and heavy weights throughout the class.  By the end you will have worked hard but feel rejuvenated and calm.

December can go two ways for folks.  Either life gets too crazy and workouts go by the wayside or we retreat into that small period of time where no one bothers us and we can focus on ourselves.  If you are the former, then check out my Facebook page!  I’m posting 10 minute workouts daily to help you stay on track with quick but effective workouts. 

If your situation is the latter, you are going to looooove this new video!  Strong Mat Flow will get your sweating and burning but I’ve paired it with relaxing ocean sounds (that just happened to be in the background!) to help you feel centered and relaxed.  You’ll work your whole body while also getting some meditative benefit of relaxing the body and clearing the mind.  

For this workout we use both light and heavy weights.  In the video I’m using 2lbs for my light weights and 4lbs for my heavy weights.  You can use anywhere between 1-3lbs for the light option and 3-5lbs for the heavy option.  You could also do this entire workout without using any weights at all (let gravity do the hardwork!).  Or, if you don’t have weights at home, use waterbottles or cans of soup.  

Otherwise, all you need is a mat!

We start this workout standing focusing on warming up the body using the light and heavy weights.  We will also tone the upper body and activate the leg and seat muscles.

After our standing pilates, we move down to the mat to get deeper work into our core, glutes, legs and arms.  We alternate between using heavy and light weights or not weights at all.

Feel free to follow along with me or go at your own pace for this workout.  These videos never go away so don’t get discouraged if you have difficulties with some moves the first time through.  Often I add in coordination moves to help connect the mind with the body for a greater challenge.

Remember to breathe and relax into the movements, even when they seem tough.  You can do this!

See you at the mat!


By Brittany, December 4, 2017
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  • Holly
    December 13, 2017

    Very nice class on the beach–seem calm and it adds to the flow you are achieving with this Strong Mat Flow class. I like it!

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