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Barre Platform

  • February 22, 2018
  • By Brittany
Barre Platform

Want to take your barre workout literally to the next level?  Then you need to try this Barre Platform video!  Using a step, stair or platform you can kick your normal barre routine into high gear.  If your old step aerobics step from the 90s is gathering dust, this is the perfect opportunity to break it out and give it new life.

For this class we start off with a cardio warm-up using the step to help elevate our heart rate.  Basic step moves like step ups onto the step and repeater knees will help get us warm and get our cardio fix in.

We follow up the cardio with some light weights to work the upper body.  Combining upper and lower body movements will keep us burning fat while also sculpting and toning the upper body.  Once you think you can’t stand the burn another minute, we will drop the weights and head to the floor for some planks and pushups on the step.

With our upper body full exhausted, we move on to our lower body focusing on thighs and glutes.  We alternate working with both feet on the step for balance and one foot on the step for greater range of motion and deeper toning.  We also get a little extra cardio in this section with some fun moves like “over the top”.  Expect to see some of your favorite barre moves balancing on the step challenging your booty and your abs!

Finally we head down to the mat to use the platform one last time to super tone our glutes and abs.  Think of bridge lifts on the step, planks, crunches and teasers.  We end with some delicious stretches to help release the body and elongate the muscles.

The best part is you don’t actually need a barre for this workout!  And you can even just use the bottom step of a staircase at home.  Just make sure you have something sturdy to stand on.  

Are you ready to push your limits?  Let’s do this!

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By Brittany, February 22, 2018
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  • Holly
    February 25, 2018

    Brittany, You are spot on when you said to take it to the next level with the platform. I have started the Barre Platform video and I need to continue working out to it! It is a great come-back and a rigorous workout!

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