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Mat Madness FAQs

  • September 3, 2018
  • By Brittany
Mat Madness FAQs

Have questions about Mat Madness?  I have answers.


I signed up for the challenge but I haven’t received my first workout.

The challenge starts Monday, September 9th.  You will receive access to the first workout on this date!  Check your inbox for a link to the workout (including promotions and spam!).

I didn’t receive my email today.

First of all, have you received any other emails up to now with the prep kit and schedule?  If so, then we have your email and you are signed up for the challenge!  If you haven’t received any emails up to this point, please contact me at so I can look into the issue.  If you have received other emails then you need to check your SPAM folder and your Promotions Tab (if you use Gmail) as the email might have been bounced to one of these two places.  If you still can’t find it, please contact me at the above email.  Please note that I cannot always respond to every email right away and therefore emailing me might take longer than checking your SPAM and Promotions folder! 

I didn’t have time to complete today’s workout, what do I do?

First of all, don’t sweat it.  We’ve all been there where something comes up that we can’t control.  The first thing to do is to check in with your accountability buddy and let them know that you couldn’t make today’s workout.  Let them help cheer you on!  Then recommit to the workout.  Maybe tomorrow you can do two 20 minute workouts (or less, some of the videos are not as long) or you can split the workout up into two sessions.  You’ll have access to the entire series throughout the challenge so if you miss a workout, there is still time to make it up!

Can I do more than one workout a day?

Absolutely!  You can choose to pair up other workouts to make a longer class but just remember that you will not have access to each workout until the day it is released as part of the challenge so you can only do this with workouts that have already been released in the challenge.  You can also choose to complete your daily workout more than one time for a full-length workout.

I’m pregnant can I participate in Mat Madness?

I’m right there with you sister!  But the sad answer is no.  This challenge is meant for ladies who don’t have restrictions such as lying on the back, crunches and performing most traditional pilates moves.  BUT, stay tuned for my upcoming prenatal program–I think you will love it!

Do I need an accountability buddy in order to do this challenge?

Not necessarily.  I want you to be successful with this challenge, which is why I highly recommend an accountability buddy to help keep you on track for the 7 days of the program.  That being said, if you want to go it alone, you can!  Just remember to check in at #BBFMatMadness to stay inspired and motivated by the other participants!

I’m not on social media.  Can I still do the challenge?

Absolutely.  Social media is one way I’ve found to keep people inspired and motivated but it isn’t the only way and it isn’t necessary.  Remember this challenge is about YOU so turn your focus inward and commit to your practice.

Is there a meal plan for this challenge?

Strictly speaking, no, there is no set meal plan for this challenge.  If you are looking for healthy eating inspiration, check out my 7 Day Detox3 Day Pre-tox or 12 Ways to Detox.

Will the workouts be available after the challenge is over?

NO!  They are only available during the 7 days of the challenge.  If you would like to continue to access the workouts, you can sign up for BBF On Demand where you will get access to all of the workouts from the challenge plus tons of full-length and quick barre & pilates workouts. Click here to check it out!

Ready to sign up?  Just click here!

By Brittany, September 3, 2018
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