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The Best Prenatal Workout DVDs

  • March 28, 2019
  • By Brittany
The Best Prenatal Workout DVDs

You want to stay active during pregnancy but you aren’t sure exactly what to do or what workouts are safe. This list of the Best Prenatal Workout DVDs rounds up some of my personal favorite DVDs and why I think they are fabulous for mom-to-be.

Speaking of best. . . honesty is the best policy and I will earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through one of these hand-picked links at no extra cost to you!

Bump at the Barre

The Best Prenatal DVDs- Prenatal Barre DVD

Ok absolute shameless plug. While I may have recently birthed my second baby boy, this DVD was also my baby and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

I created this DVD because I wanted a workout that was challenging but also safe for every trimester of pregnancy. Plus I wanted options. Some days I had tons of time and wanted a good long workout, while other days I was strapped and only had 10 minutes. This workout gives you the best of both worlds with one long workout and several shorter ones to meet your time demands.

Available in DVD format on Amazon or for instant download from BBF Studio.

Fusion Fitness Bump

The Best Prenatal DVDs- Prenatal Workout DVD

I used this DVD during my first and second pregnancies and I absolutely love it. It is toning, it is cardio and it is challenging. I’ve never thought 1 or 2lb weights have ever felt so heavy in my life. This video keeps you moving! I wouldn’t recommend it, however, unless you were active before your pregnancy.

Available on Amazon.

10 Minute Solution Prenatal Pilates

prenatal pilates dvd

This is another DVD I did during both my pregnancies. I love the pilates moves meant to tone your entire body. It’s split up into segments so you can do the entire full-length workout or just do a few segments. It really does create a burn but it is a bit gentler for those who may be newer to movement or feel the need to pull back a bit. My only caveat is to be careful during the core section as some of the moves could lead to a diastisis if not done properly.

Available on Amazon.

Fit & Sleek Prenatal Physique

Best Prenatal Workout DVDs- Fit Physique

This is a fun DVD that isn’t afraid to use heavy weights. I love this because as long as you were lifting heavy weights before you were pregnant, there is no reason to stop unless you are experiencing any contraindicated symptoms. This DVD will definitely keep your strength up. It’s also split into several segments so you can mix and match your workout.

Available on Amazon.

The Pregnancy Project

The Best Prenatal Workout DVDs- Tracy Anderson

What I like about this workout pack from Tracy Anderson is that there is a different workout for each month. It takes into account how you are feeling and what you are experiencing as you progress throughout your pregnancy. I would highly recommend this workout for anyone who is just starting out with movement during pregnancy or is having a tough time staying active. If you were very active (like I was) before both my pregnancies then you may find the pace a little slow and wish you were participating in one of Tracy’s dance cardio workouts.

Available on Amazon.

Knocked Up Fitness: Prenatal Sculpt

Best Prenatal Workout DVDs- Prenatal Sculpt

Creator Erica Ziel has made it her life mission to help pregnant women stay fit. This DVD is no exception. The toning DVD is perfect for feeling like you are toning without overdoing. This one is another DVD that is perfect if you are just starting out in fitness during pregnancy.

Available on Amazon.

BarreAmped Sleek & Toned Prenatal Workout

Best Prenatal Workout DVDs- Barre

This one is a new addition for me this time around and I enjoyed the barre workout. It was challenging yet doable and appropriate for any trimester.

Available on Amazon.

I hope you found this list of the Best Prenatal Workout DVDs helpful. If you are interested in my list from my first pregnancy, check it out here.

Stay active mamas!

PS Want more prenatal workouts? Check out my Prenatal Barre & Pilates by Trimester Workouts (6 workouts total!).

By Brittany, March 28, 2019
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