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What Equipment Do I Need?

  • October 23, 2019
  • By Brittany
What Equipment Do I Need?

I get asked this all the time. What equipment do I need for my online barre workout? Truthfully, the answer is nothing! Equipment for barre class when you are doing it at home is actually pretty minimal. You probably have all the equipment you need in your house already. With a few simple hacks, you can have a full studio up in running in your home.

That being said, you definitely could benefit from investing a few dollars on Amazon (affiliate links ahead!) for some nice pieces of equipment to have on hand. It makes the workout a little more effective and is actually not very costly!

Ballet Barre

So this is a barre class, you obviously need a barre, right? Well, not so fast. This is one of the few pieces of equipment that I actually don’t think you need to invest in unless you are super committed.

If you do, want to purchase a barre, there are a few I like. I own the GoFit Portable Adjustable Barre. I like this barre because it is pretty darn sturdy and easy to adjust to your height. I like the wood barre. Be careful of your feet on the metal frame! Also, in terms of portability, it isn’t the easiest because the metal frame is rather heavy. But overall, one of my favorites!

I also the Vita Vibe Portable Barre. I like this because it is super light weight and truly portable. It isn’t as pretty as the GoFit one IMO and it’s adjustability and lightness make it a little stable. But very doable!

Another great option if you are serious is a wall mounted barre. This is the best option for pulling off the barre and really putting weight on it for moves like waterski, pushups, etc. The drawback is when it is mounted to a wall, you are starting at a wall not the computer or TV screen!

Another option is a freestanding barre built to take on your weight like the Booty Kicker. I recently saw this at a barre conference and I wanted to give it a try but I didn’t get a chance. It looks super cool though. I love her iPad mounted to the barre.

Home Hack- Like I said, these options are if you want to go the home barre route but totally not necessary. I actually recommend a chair (I often use a chair), the back of a couch, a banister or a countertop. I’m famous for using the banister on our deck in the summer!

Light Weights

Most of my barre classes use light weights. They are really amazing for toning the upper body and adding extra resistance to other exercises. I stress the word light because we do a lot of long lever movements (away from the body) so heavy weights could cause injury. I’m totally not against heavy weights and I own 5 and 8lb sets but for my classes, I would recommend between 1-3lbs.

I own 1, 2, and 3lb weights because I love to have options. Some days I’m feeling really strong and can rock the 3lbs. Other days, I’m recovering from a cold and can only manage the 1lbs. I also like to use the 1lb weights in the warm up sometimes to add a little extra somethin somethin. I probably most often use 2lbs for upper body!

This is a great weight set that includes 1, 2 and 3lb weights plus a holder! Or go for the individual weights (make sure you get 2!):

Home Hack- While weights are something I would recommend shelling out for (they aren’t that expensive), you totally don’t need to especially if you are just starting out. I would recommend taking two water bottles and filling them with water to use as your weights. Another option are cans of soup or beans or something.

Yoga Mat

A mat is a super useful thing to have around anyway. Even if you go to class at some places (like a yoga studio or gym), you’ll probably want your own mat so this is a good investment in my opinion. I have probably a zillion mats. Seriously, I’ve been told I’m not allowed to buy more (to be fair, I’ve been to several conferences and events where I’ve received a free mat). But you don’t need a bunch! Just one will do.

One of my favorite mats is my Lululemon Yoga mat. I’ve had it for years, there is basically no wear and tear and I use both sides (the squishy side or the flat side). If you are used to a yoga mat feel, this might be a bit different for you but I’m a fan.

I also really love Manduka mats. Ok so they are expensive but by the time you wear through all your $20 mats, you’ll wish you had bought this one. Plus it is sticky and durable!

My favorite Manduka mat I actually got for free but I LOVE it! It is their travel mat and I honestly do travel with it because it folds up and is super thin. I bring it to conferences (seriously who wants to lay on those disgusting hotel carpets??), I take it to the beach for my workout, I bring it to outdoor classes and I even take it on vacation with me (again hotel carpets). I got this exact mat way back in maybe 2012 or something? I don’t even remember, it was before my kids when I was living in NYC but I still have it today and it looks fresh as a daisy. I didn’t pay for it but I would in a heartbeat if I ever needed to replace it.

Home Hack- If you aren’t interested in investing in a mat I have two alternatives for you. The first is a yoga towel. It is basically like a mat but sticky on the bottom. People often use them for hot yoga classes but I also use mine to travel (see above) or when I just need a quick mat I can grab. I know you technically don’t have this at home so the other option is just a towel. This isn’t my favorite because it can be super slippery, especially on hardwood floors but it is better than nothing!

Playground Ball

This is another piece of equipment that I use all.the.time in my classes. It is a must in my opinion. They aren’t expensive but they do wonders for helping to tone your booty, your inner thighs and your abs. You can pick one up for about $10-$15 so super cheap as well. Look for a ball that is about 9 inches.

Home Hack- If you don’t have a ball, I would recommend something squishy like a small couch cushion, a stuffed animal or two rolled up hand towels. Some exercises might be challenging without the ball, especially on the mat, but I definitely think you can survive without one if you are new!

Booty Band

Oh dear do I love my booty band. I didn’t add this in to my repetoire right away but when I did, I was like “ohhhhhhh holy moly!” It burns baby!

So I have to caveat this by saying that I have an extremely difficult time finding bands that I like. I find that a lot of the bands are made of too thin material and they bunch and rip. I like really thick, really tough bands. This is actually one of my favorite resistance bands but I have a slightly higher resistance. I was also given a free one that I use a lot and really like!

I’m still on the hunt for other resistance bands I can recommend to you guys so if you have a great one at home, LMK!

Home Hack- If you have a long resistance band already but not a loop one, the easiest thing to do it simply tie it in a loop and, voila, you have a booty band! If you don’t have either, I actually just recommend doing the workout without a band because there isn’t really anything great I can recommend that you would have at home. You could try a pair of old tights and tie them up in a loop but for the amount of money a band costs, I would just recommend getting one!


This is yet another piece of equipment that I didn’t add in right away but I love it! They are so hard! They really tone your legs and core in such a different way. Plus, they can kind of mimic a pilates reformer, which I totally love. Again, not expensive and easy to store! I recommend these sliders because they work on both hardwood and carpet but I’ve seen these around a lot and they seem to be popular.

Home Hack- Easiest home hack ever– paper plates. Seriously, they work great! You could also use small towels but I find paper plates hold their shape better and can work on hardwood or carpet.

Water Bottle

With all that working out you are doing, you will definitely be thirsty! Let’s go the eco-friendly route and invest in a waterbottle or two rather than relying on plastic.

Home Hack- You can always grab a glass from the kitchen!

Barre Socks

I love barre socks because they really help me grip the floor and my feet slide a bit better on the hardwood when they are protected by socks. Some of my favorite socks include:

  • Pointe Studio – Check them out here and here
  • Lucky Honey- Check them out here and here
  • Sticky Be- Check them out here and here
  • Shashi- Check them out here and here

Home Hack- Obviously just go barefoot!

As you can see you don’t need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment. A few inexpensive pieces will do and for the most part you kind find everything you need at home already!

By Brittany, October 23, 2019
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