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Holiday Gift Guide: Fit Guy

  • December 9, 2019
  • By Brittany
Holiday Gift Guide: Fit Guy

How hard is it to shop for the guys in your life? I mean, how many times can you buy a tie or some socks!? I created this Fit Guy Gift Guide to help all my barre babes help their barre husbands/boyfriends or other males in their life. If your guy is fit, this is great for him or it can be a slight nudge to a healthier lifestyle you can enjoy together (I though grip socks and a barre ball would be too much, you?).

Lululemon Men’s Polo Shirt– I love this polo shirt because polos used to be considered “sporty” but these days we rarely wear cotton anymore for fitness. This shirt combines the classic polo look with athleticwear technology.

Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet– The Hubs and I play tennis almost every weekend and while he started out better than me, I’m catching up! He blames it on the racquet. I’m thinking of this one for him so he can’t complain about the game being uneven!

Beer Loft– Ok so not technically a fitness or health gift but so cool and funny. Plus it will allow you to clear your fridge. There is literally nothing I hate more than a fridge cluttered with endless beer bottles so I can’t find the almond milk! Bonus points if you buy a light beer!

Golf balls– I don’t know how it is possible to go through soooooo many balls but it seems like every single birthday, Christmas or father’s day golf balls end up on the wish list. So I just preemptively buy them now. Pro tip- don’t get the cheap ones, the type of ball (apparently) makes a difference.

Breakfast Jar with Easy Measure Lid- This is a great gift because, let’s face it, you could just steal it and use it for yourself.

LaCoste Men’s Tennis Shorts– I bought the Hubs a pair of these because he needed some in white for tennis. They are actually super nice and tres chic.

Desktop Golf- I just think this is hilarious! Also great reminder to stay healthy even at the office!

Nike Running Shoe– I feel like you can’t go wrong with a pair of running shoes. Always in style and totally necessary.

Garmin Watch– So I was going to recommend the Apple Watch, which is what I have, but something about the Garmin just made me think it was more guy friendly.

Indoor Cycling Bike– I love this gift because it is so perfect for the wanna-be exerciser who complains they don’t have enough time. I think spinning is probably the only class I’ve successfully dragged the Hubs to multiple times.

Taylor Made Golf Bag– Yes for this gorgeous golf bag! Sure fire hit.

Tommaso Road Bike– BK (before kids) the Hubs and I used to go riding almost every weekend in the spring, summer and fall. I really miss it (and how extremely fit I was!). I feel like a new bike could turn things around.

So tell me, does your guy barre with you?

By Brittany, December 9, 2019
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