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What’s new in the BBF Virtual Barre Studio

  • April 22, 2021
  • By Brittany
What’s new in the BBF Virtual Barre Studio

Hi friends! It has been a hot minute since I’ve updated you on exactly WHAT is going on in the BBF Virtual Barre Studio. Lots has been happening so let’s dive right in and find out what’s new!

I’m so excited about some of the barre and pilates that have been released lately. There is SO much more to come! Plus, if you filled out my recent survey (thank you!), you know that I have some really cool new stuff planned for the future. Get ready!

The Signature Barre Series has kicked off with a bang! These classes start with a low impact warm up then move on to upper body toning followed by lower body toning and more cardio at the barre then finish on the mat with core and flexibility training!

Signature Barre 1

This class kicks off the series with a traditional BBF Barre class using weights, a playground ball, a barre and a mat. Get ready to work from head to toe!

Signature Barre 2

Signature Barre 2 really kicked by booty literally and figuratively. All you need are a set of weights, a barre or chair and a mat!

Signature Barre 3

This class was so FUN to choreograph! It uses some traditional props like light weights, a barre or chair, a ball and a mat but it also uses ankle weights. Holy cow! My legs and glutes. You don’t need the ankle weights if you don’t have them though!

Signature Barre 4

Signature Barre 4 kicks off my first Signature Quad Series. This class uses light weights, a ball, a loop resistance band (optional), a barre or chair and a mat. It has a little holiday inspiration but can be done at any time of year!

Signature Mat Barre

Experience a BBF Signature Mat Barre class fusing pilates principles with a barre burn. Start out with a low impact barre warm up then move onto an upper body sequence before hitting the mat for detailed and targeted toning based on pilates principles. End with a delicious stretch.

Signature Power Barre

Join me for 45 minutes of barreless barre! This powerful barre class that is missing one thing– the barre! In this class we will work with powerful movements including cardio, upper & lower body toning and core. Get ready to approach your barre class in a whole new way!

Signature HIIT the Barre®

This cardio barre class combines high intensity interval training with barre toning.

In this class we will start with a low impact cardio warm up. We then go through 3 rounds of exercises. Each round includes 3 combos. Each combo has 3 exercises and 1 of those exercises is you HIIT move. Sound complicated? You’ll get the hang of it. Just follow me!

Signature Barre 5

My second Signature Quad Series includes hot pink pants and a tough barre class using light weights, a barre or chair and a mat. Get ready to sweat!

Signature Mat Barre 2

This Signature Mat Barre class will get allllll the abs! Based on pilates principles but combining some low impact cardio and upper body from barre, this class will get deep into those muscles.

Signature Power Barre 2

This class is all about the cardio! But remember, you don’t have to jump if you don’t want to! Plus, you don’t even need a barre. A totally customizable class.

Signature Express Barre

Experience the signature BBF barre class in just 30 minutes. Get a full body workout in no time!

So as you can see lots has been happening in the BBF Virtual Barre Studio! Let me know what workouts you have tried or want to try!

By Brittany, April 22, 2021
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