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Barre to Beach Program

  • May 24, 2021
  • By Brittany
Barre to Beach Program

It’s coming! Summer is right around the corner. Memorial Day is creeping up on us and all of a sudden we are thinking of swimsuit season. I want you to look and feel amazing all summer long so I created the Barre to Beach Program to fast track your results and get you ready to go from barre to beach!

5 Weeks from Barre to Beach.  Are you ready? Get ready for the first day of summer starting now!  All you need is 3x per week for the next 5 weeks! Enjoy 15 new downloadable workouts including Barre, HIIT the Barre® and Mat Barre!
What do you get with the Barre to Beach Series?
– 15 full-length brand new workouts.
– Amazing music (top 40 and radio hits) to motivate you.
– Fully downloadable workouts (no buffering!).
– Pay once and get the workouts for life (no reoccurring payments).
– A 30 Day Clean Eating Plan
– 5 Week Calendar to keep you on track
– 3 different kinds of workouts: Barre, HIIT the Barre® and Mat Barre
This program is for you if you:
– Love the way barre makes you look and feel.
– Need a realistic workout plan to fit into your busy schedule.
– Want to guided through your workout schedule each week.
– Want to learn proper form while getting a great workout.
– Want to tone up for summer!
– Want to look and feel great at the beach (or the pool, or the playground or the ball field or wherever your summer takes you!).
– Want to feel like you are working out with me in class!
This program is not for you if you:
– Don’t like barre.
– Can only spend 10 minutes per day working out.
– Don’t like online workouts (although these workouts are downloadable!).
– Like to compete with others in class.
Here’s what.  You don’t need an expensive or fancy studio for a great workout.  You just need a computer and a few pieces of light equipment to get the job done.  Eating right (refer to your 30 Day Clean Eating Guide!) plus working hard for just 3 days a week will show you amazing changes in your body.  

It’s time to head into summer with confidence!

Click here to join!

By Brittany, May 24, 2021
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